Monday, January 16, 2012

Truck Don't Like Hubby

My truck doesn't like my hubby at the moment. Hubby has commented that the recent fix to my truck reminds him of Gilligan's Island. What started out as a simple 3 hour fix has now turned into two days so far. I think he is getting frustrated with my truck!

Yesterday he spent part of the day going to the junk yard to find the part needed only to spend money to get into the junk yard and all the trucks like mine were already missing the part he was looking for.

To buy it brand new or off eBay is a bit pricey for our checkbook right now so he decided to try to fix the broken piece. I think he thought he had it fixed so he put everything back together only to find a leak when the truck was started.

He took it apart to fix the leak, put it back together, and started it up. It started but was running rough so back apart it came. He figured out he forgot to connect two lines, fixed another leak he found, and put it all back together.

Poor guy! Now it won't start at all. I think he is ready to kick it! Trade it in is what my grandpa would tell us. If only we could!

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