Friday, January 20, 2012

Proud Parents

Hmmmm.....I am at a total loss as to what to blog about tonight. With a New Year's resolution to blog daily I have to post SOMETHING though. Can't break my resolution in the FIRST month of the year.

I think I'm going to use this blog post to brag about my daughter and how well she is doing in school! We are SO proud of our little girl! Shhhh.....don't tell her I referred to her as "little". She might not like that!

Our daughter is in second grade and doing fabulous academically. She is above average in pretty much every subject in school and is reading on a 6th grade level. Yep, I said our second grader is reading on a 6th grade level! We call her our little rocket scientist!

At our last teacher conference, our daughter's teacher briefly discussed the gifted program available in our school district. I think she is going to recommend our daugther for the program. I believe the teachers will soon be making their recommendations so we should know before long if they will be testing our daughter for the program.

We are SO glad that all of our daughter's teachers from kindergarten to now have all recognized she is above average and taken steps to make sure she is continuing to learn beyond what they are teaching. They are taking steps to keep her from being bored at school. Can't have your child bored and not liking school ever, especially when they are this young. There are still many more years of school to come!

I think my son is going to be just as smart! He LOVES to have stories read to him just like my daughter did at his age and he is also FABULOUS at putting puzzles together just like my daughter was. As any parent hopes for their children, we hope that they will both grow up to be successful adults!

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  1. Children are certainly blessings. I enjoyed learning a little about yours.
    I have two grown daughters and now am blessed with 4 grandchildren.