Friday, August 10, 2012

Tiny Spider

This summer it seems like we haven't seen as many spiders as we normally do. We think it has something to do with how hot it has been? This may not be the case but that's what we think.

Well, this week our weather has been quite a bit cooler so we think the spiders are coming out of hiding. I saw a smaller one yesterday and then today I noticed one up on the wall by the ceiling in the dining room. I told my son to go sit on the couch and my daughter immediately ran over there too.

I had to be brave as hubby was at work so I got the spider. Of course, the fact that I do not like spiders did NOT help the situation.

My daughter hadn't seen the spider before I got it because she was too busy racing out of the room to see it. As I walked past her after getting the spider, she asked me about the size of it.

I told her it was a pretty good sized one considering I don't like spiders. She then proceeded to tell me that it was a tiny one. Yeah, if it was so tiny then maybe she shouldn't have run away so fast? Lol.

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