Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Sixteenth Featured Etsian

My sixteenth featured Etsian is Linda Talbott, from Dreams And Echoes by Raedawn. Her shop can be found here. I chose to feature Linda in this blog post for a few reasons.

One, not only does she have some great items listed in her shop but two, I just LOVE how she takes the time to comment on the discussion threads about other people's listings. She also takes the time to comment on other people's treasuries as well. So many of us just post and run a lot of the times, myself being guilty of this as well, but Linda takes time to comment. Kudos to her!

All of Linda's artwork and jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and she hopes you’ll enjoy the diversity of her creations. In her visual art she uses mixed media as well as colored pencils.

In her jewelry, she uses semi-precious beads, glass, bone, lampwork, and whatever other types of beads speak to her. She uses symmetry and asymmetry in her jewelry. All silver is sterling, unless otherwise stated.

Be sure to take the time to go check out Linda's other items in her shop! Maybe start your Christmas shopping early or even better, buy something for yourself!


  1. Awesome feature. I know Linda and her work is outstanding. Nice to see someone write about her and her incredible work!!!

  2. I have never EVER in all my years seen one as..and now I don't even know what word to use...studious? dedicated? interested? NO the word is "genuine" Linda is genuine with each and every comment she makes. I am always impressed! One of the nicest people I have met on Etsy

  3. I agree, Linda is truly a treasure on Etsy! Not only is she multi talented, but does indeed take the time to comment, and really make us all feel good.
    Thanks for featuring her shop!

  4. Great feature. Linda is a great friend and a talented artist!

  5. I agree that Linda is very talented and am always so impressed by her taking the time to comment in detail on each and every listing on a team's forum!! You sure don't see that very often!