Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quiet In The Library

About a week or so ago when running another errand, hubby and our daughter stopped in at the public library to get a library card. Our daughter checked out two books and had them read lickety split!

Tonight when out to do some shopping all four of us stopped in at the library to return the books and to let our daughter check out some new ones.

We found out that the library is NOT the place to take our son. He didn't quite understand that you are suppose to be quiet in the library. Thankfully there weren't TOO many people there when we were so I don't think it was a MAJOR problem. We did find an area that had a few toys that kept him occupied and quiet.

Not sure how often we'll be taking our son along for library trips but at least we know the toys are there if we do end up taking him. I'm sure at some point he'll grasp on to the concept of having to whisper while in the library but I'm also sure it is going to take a few more times going before that concept FULLY sinks in.

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  1. Maybe see if there is a different library in town that is more kid friendly. There is one that is a little further away by us that has a closed room for kids that is full of toys and games and stuffed animals. Another one has a separate section with a tent and riding toys. It was great when he was younger but now that he's nearly three it's not much of a problem anymore.