Monday, August 27, 2012

Come And Find Me

Nearly every morning when my son wakes up, from his crib you will hear him yell, "Mommy, come and find me!"

It is so funny when he says this because he still sleeps in a crib so ummmm, there really isn't any place for the little guy to hide?

Well, believe it or not, he DOES have a hiding place. After hearing him yell, I go into his room and still in his crib, he is hiding in about the only possible hiding place there is, under his blanket. This morning he was under his crib sheet.

Once in his room, I'll start asking questions like where he's at, where could he have gone, and where could he be. After doing this for a minute or so, I'll say something about having to eat breakfast by myself and he'll pop out from under his blanket.

After he does that, I usually say, "There he is!" to which I get a lot of giggles and smiles. What a way to start the day!

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