Sunday, August 5, 2012

Screaming In The Shower

So everyone has probably heard of singing in the shower right? Well, have you ever heard of screaming in the shower? If not, keep reading and then you can say you have!

Tonight after being outside, my daughter wanted to wash off her feet. Instead of just letting her wash her feet, I had her go ahead and take a full shower.

Not long after she had been in the shower, I hear screaming coming from the bathroom. I knew what this type of scream was too. It was the "there's a bug or spider" scream.

I went to the door and of course it was locked so I had to unlock it. In the meantime, she screamed again. Once I got in the bathroom, she was telling me to get it.

Of course, she didn't say what to get or where it was so I'm standing there trying to figure this out. Well, I found what I was suppose to get when I opened the shower curtain. At the end of the bathtub was a small spider.

I had her step out of the shower and I washed the spider down the drain. Easy peasy! She totally could have done that. I told her the spider can't get her if it is being drowned by water and being washed down the drain.

I told her next time she needed to use her words too instead of just screaming and tell me exactly what was going on. She is usually a tomboy about most everything but when it comes to bugs, she is ALL girl!

Well, there ya go! Now you can say you have heard of screaming in the shower! You're welcome! :-)

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