Monday, August 6, 2012

My Fourteenth Featured Etsian

I enjoy featuring fellow Etsians on my blog but sometimes I just don't know who I want to feature. Tonight I decided to take a browse through my purchases I have made on Etsy. That is where I decided who to shine the spotlight upon for this blog post.

Meet my fourteenth featured Etsian, Miriam Cletcher, from the Etsy shop gordon4aday. As you can see from the photos in this blog post, Miriam makes Ken and Barbie clothes but don't think that is all she makes. She also makes clothes for various other dolls as well.

I can tell you that the Barbie dresses are FANTASTIC! I couldn't decide upon which ones to buy for my daughter for Christmas last year so I ended up buying five, yes FIVE dresses. This year I just might have to get my daughter some outfits for her Ken dolls.

Miriam has been sewing for 15 or so years. When she had her first daughter she wanted to make clothes for her to play with and she was having so much fun that she just kept making them for others to enjoy as well. She really doesn't make them for the money, just the joy it brings others.

She stands behind her work 100% and will always fix, replace, or refund any items with no questions asked. No one smokes in her home and she never buys old or overstock material.

She treats all the clothes as if they were for her daughter. All Miriam's items are kid friendly unless clearly marked otherwise! She tries to add new items each week so be sure to go check out her shop here.

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