Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rude Cashiers

Don't you just love it when the cashier at the grocery store is rude? The girl who checked us out tonight wasn't necessarily rude but she definitely wasn't very friendly either. For being someone dealing with customers I think she should have been a bit more pleasant. That's my opinion anyway.

I think she was a bit annoyed with us because we noticed one of the bottles of juice we got didn't ring up correctly so she had to call someone to check on it. I told her what price it was suppose to be. She said it was probably just select choices so my husband said something like, "Well, then we don't select that one." I thought the bottle of juice that rang up wrong was a different brand from the other two bottles we picked but once someone came to go check on the price, I realized all three bottles we had were indeed the same brand so I thought maybe my daughter had picked up the wrong kind from the shelf. We had told her she could pick the flavor. We then just told the girl to take it off. We decided not to get that one.

After the person who was going to check the price walked away my hubby said he was pretty sure that was the one that was suppose to be on sale. Oh well. Guess we weren't meant to buy it. I just get annoyed when the cashiers get annoyed with you for wanting the correct price. All those differences add up you know? We pick a lot of the items we are buying because of the price they are suppose to be selling for so when they don't ring up for that price, by george, we're gonna say something!

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