Thursday, February 11, 2010


What goes through someone's mind when they are throwing trash on the ground? I ask this question because today when we were driving home, as we turned the corner at an intersection with a light, I saw this woman who was sitting at the red light open her car door and throw trash on the road. It wasn't just a tiny piece of paper or anything small like that either. It looked like a wadded up McDonald's bag or something similar. I couldn't believe what I saw!

Seriously, what would it have hurt for her to keep that trash in her car until she got home or got to where ever it was she was going and then put it in a trash can? I'm the type of person who does my best to never be a litter bug so I think that is why this bothered me so much. Heck, yesterday as we were leaving to go to our daughter's teacher conference meeting, I was opening a Hershey kiss and dropped part of the little white paper that sticks out of the top of it. You know, that teeny tiny little strip? I could have left it on my driveway to blow down the road when the wind blew but no, I didn't. I knelt down and picked it up. Every little bit of trash adds up! I think everyone needs to remember this!

After seeing this and discussing it in the truck with my hubby, I was sure to remind my daughter that we don't throw trash on the ground. We put it in a trash can!

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