Thursday, February 18, 2010

Horrible Memory

Ever thought of a good topic to blog about but didn't post right away and then by the time you went to post about it you couldn't remember what it was you were going to write about? Well, I'll be darned if that didn't happen to me!

Last night I came up with a great topic. I think it would have been fun to write about and I'm pretty sure you would have enjoyed reading it but I cannot think of what the heck it was! Isn't that crazy? I know I had something good in mind but it has left my mind and I don't know if it plans to come back or not. I have a horrible memory sometimes.

Sooooo............if I happen to think of what it was then I'll try and post it right away. If it never comes to my mind again then I guess it just wasn't meant for me to write about or for you to read.


  1. lol-I do know what you mean! I forget things all of the time! I hate when that happens!!

  2. oh me too!! man i am terrible! i have to write everything down! i keep notepads everywhere...

  3. Definitely understandable! I'm trying to start blogging daily, and I have made a list for myself of possible topics so I don't forget. :)