Monday, February 22, 2010

Really Early Phone Call

Last night my little guy didn't want to go to bed. We were up extra late and then he turned around and woke up at about 5:30am. As I crawled out of bed to get him I was thinking uugghh......I'm tired! I got him rocked back to sleep pretty quickly though. Thank goodness!

Of course, now I was awake yet still sleepy. Know that feeling? I got my cell phone so I could set the alarm since hubby was leaving early today for work, went to the bathroom, and was getting ready to crawl back in bed for a few more hours when the phone rang. Who in the heck would be calling at about 5:55am? Seriously?

When I was rocking my son, the phone had rang once but that was all. Good thing I hadn't got up to get it since it only rang the one time. The second time it rang enough to have the answering machine pick up. I looked at the caller ID on the phone in my room and it was a toll free number. I went ahead and just climbed back into bed since luckily the phone ringing hadn't woke my son back up. I would NOT have been happy if it had!

I had two thoughts about this early morning call. One was, surely that isn't a telemarketer calling at this hour of the morning? If so, I thought about complaining to them. I also had a feeling it was the automated system from the school calling to let us know school had been canceled. One of my thoughts was correct. It was the school calling.

When hubby was about to leave he let me know that he had seen our school district on the lists of closings. I listened to the message on the machine when I got up and it was from the school. We had practically a whole day yesterday of rain, freezing rain/sleet, and snow so I had a feeling they might close the schools but I wasn't sure. So at least our early morning caller was a legitimate call that was necessary.

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