Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Weekends

Seems like every time I think we are going to have a free weekend with nothing to do, something always comes up. This past Thursday night our weekend was completely free of everything until I came home and had a message from a friend.

I returned her call to find out we were invited over for nachos Friday night and to hang out with a group of our friends. Of course, we were going to go. Seems like all of us don't get together enough so when the opportunity arises we take hold of it.

Then Friday morning when walking my daughter to her classroom at school, we are stopped by the mom of one of the girls in my daughter's class. They had invited my daughter to a Build-a-Bear birthday party but since we hadn't RSVP'd the mom was wondering if my daughter was going to be able to go.

We hadn't quite decided yet and I thought I still had some time. When I got home and looked again at the invite I realized the party was Sunday, just two days away. Guess that is why she was wondering if anyone was coming. Apparently she hadn't heard from any of the five kids invited. So after talking with my hubby when he got home from work Friday night, our Sunday now had something planned for it too.

That left us with our Saturday free. Well, that didn't happen either. We ended up doing a bit of grocery shopping in the morning and then in the afternoon I went to spend some time with my mom. I have so much I need to do around my house and I keep thinking I will get a lot of it done on the weekends but it doesn't get done. Seems like the weekends come and go yet my to do list doesn't get any smaller. Guess that is just how it goes!

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