Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Items Ringing Up Wrong

Ever go to the store to purchase things, get home, look at your receipt, realize some of the items you bought didn't ring up right, and you were overcharged? By the time you've driven home there is really nothing to do about it. It wouldn't be worth it to hop back in the car to drive all the way back to the store. Well, this has happened to us SO many times especially when we shop at Hyvee. On occasion it happens at Wal-mart. When we shop at these two stores now I do my best to watch as EVERYTHING is rung up. Too many times of being overcharged for things has made us keep a close eye now. I realize that it is usually just small amounts of change here and there as the difference but all of those small amounts add up to a bigger amount eventually you know? Now a days every little bit counts.

Well, tonight I have realized I will need to be sure to watch when my items are rung up at Hobby Lobby as well as Hyvee and Wal-mart. I had to go to Hobby Lobby tonight to get a skein of yarn. I have been looking for something else small for my daughter to put in her Valentine treat bags for her classmates. While there I saw that their Valentine items were 40% off. They had bags of heart shaped erasers that contained 40 erasers. This was just what I had been looking for. Everything else I had found only contained 12 or less items making me have to purchase at least 3 bags or more in order to have enough for a class of 26. The bags of 40 erasers was a way better deal.

So we go up to the register to check out. I hand the girl my skein of yarn with this week's 40% off any one regular priced item and I tell her that I thought the erasers were on sale as well. She gave me my total and I paid. While walking to put away our cart I'm thinking, "My total doesn't sound quite right?" I was thinking that it would be less than that with both of my items being 40% off so I get my receipt back out of my purse. Sure enough, she had only given me 30% off of the Valentine erasers.

We went back and stood in line so I could get the difference back. Now I know, you are probably thinking, "Why waste the time doing that? It couldn't have been that much of a difference?" Yes, you're right. It wasn't very much but........it's the idea that it should be a certain price and I didn't get it for that price. All of those little amounts add up eventually. Instead of the cashier just ringing up the difference and giving me the change back I was due, I actually had to go through the hassle of returning the erasers, waiting for a manager to sign off on the return, got my bank card credited back, and then had to repurchase the erasers again at the correct price. I found it a bit ridiculous really. Here I am holding my little boy, my daughter is obviously ready to go, and they have this long drawn out process of refunding me my extra percentage off. Something similar to this happened to my mom at Wal-mart not long ago and it was not nearly as much of a pain as it was for me at Hobby Lobby tonight.

I'm sure the cashier probably thought it stupid of me to go through all that for some change but I don't care. It was more the principle of it than anything I think. If you are going to have a sale price then give your customers the sale price especially when that sale price is plastered ALL over the shelves right near the check-outs. Yes, all the Valentine items were right where you could see them from the check-out lines but yet my cashier gave me the wrong discount. Go figure!

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  1. This reminds me of something that happened to a older gentlemen in front of me in wallyworld right before christmas that made me so angry.
    The gentlemen was older and had a hearing aid in. He brought up two of the SAME cd's. THE EZACT same.. same artist, sku number, etc. He pointed out to the cashier that they were priced diffrently and explained to her that the woman from electronics said he could have them both for the lower price. (it was about a 2$ diffrence). The cashier was very rude, rolled her eyes, made a very audible sigh, and called over her PSM. The young PSM was even more rude and told the guy he could only have the ONE cd for that price. First of all it was hard for the gentlemen to hear WHAT they were saying, and they were not very nice about that. Secondly, I tried, nicely, to ask the cashier to just scan the other cd, bc the upc was the same and the computer won't knwo the diffrence of the sticker on the front. I was ignored- repeatedly.
    The gentlemen ended up getting just the ONE cd. Both people were VERY rude to him. He was very nice and tried explaining that it was odviously a error on whomever marked them....
    I was so angry when i left there.
    I was next in line and bought a really cute santa outfit for my joey bear (my pup pup.. i plan on posting it on my blog eventualy) and it rang up 14 dollars when they were ALL under a LARGE sign that said 9. I would normaly argue this, but i was so angry over how they treated the older man that i just paid and left...
    Again, another reason why i try to shop handmade, or non corporate businesses.
    I have worked at wally myself (twice in fact) and still work in a form of retail today. What concerns me is the general "dumbing down" of most of the employees..
    Because they are not taught to be any diffrent. Ie: not being able to count change back. This doesn't go for ALL people in stores, there are a few helpful ones.. bless them.
    Agh, I wrote my own little miniblog on yours. Please forgive me..
    if i had to put it simply: I RELATE.