Sunday, February 7, 2010

Missed A Day

So I had been doing really well again with keeping up with my blog for the month of February. I think I had actually posted a blog a day for the entire month. Well, that is up until yesterday. Ooops! My day yesterday was so full that I didn't really have a whole lot of computer time.

I spent the day out with a few friends of mine. One of them is turning 40 so another friend and I took her out to lunch then shopping. After that we ended up back at my friend's house for a surprise party then all went out for a few hours. It was a whole lot of fun! Hubby and I don't go out often so we really enjoy ourselves when we can get away.

Maybe if you all are lucky I'll find the time to post again later today and make up for the read you didn't get yesterday. Just have to wait and see!

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