Tuesday, February 16, 2010

27 Kids

As if a kindergarten class of 26 was not big enough, today when I picked my daughter up from school she told me that a new girl was going to be starting school tomorrow at her school and be in her class. Isn't that just crazy? That makes a kindergarten class of 27! It is chaotic enough in there with the current 26, let alone adding yet another young person for one, yes ONE, teacher to teach and look after.

I've been in my daughter's class when I walk her in for school in the mornings and I've also been there for a few holiday parties. It's unreal how crazy it is! I was there last week and went with the class for music. I don't even know why they bothered because over half the class was doing their own thing. The music teacher had no control over the class. In my opinion, she didn't even seem to try and gain any sort of control.

My hubby and I just hope that the 1st grade classes will not be this large but unfortunately we think they will be. Luckily our daughter is super duper smart so we don't worry too much about her not learning. Hopefully the chaos of the classroom is not affecting any of the kids who do need help.

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