Friday, February 5, 2010

Gas Pump Questions

Seriously, why when you go to the gas station does the pump have to have you answer so many questions before you can even get gas for your vehicle? I stopped this morning to get some gas and had to do this. Here it is snowing and cold outside. Before I could even pump my gas I had to enter my zip code. Then it wanted to know if I wanted a car wash. I realize the zip code question is probably so they can see where people are from when they stop in to purchase gas but how do they know people really put in their real zip code? What if someone just typed in something just because? Granted most people probably do put in the correct one but I still don't know how accurate their "zip code survey" truly is. As far as the car wash question goes, if I want a car wash I'll buy one. I don't think it should ask everyone that before they can even pump their gas. I realize that these are both simple little questions that took all of a few seconds to hit the answer to but dog gone it, when it is cold and snowy outside those few seconds feel like WAY longer!

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