Monday, February 8, 2010

No Snow Day

Last night my hubby went out to take the trash to the curb since today was trash day. When he opened the door is when we both realized it was snowing and had been for a bit. Neither of us had even realized it since we hadn't been out since earlier in the day when we ran our errands. Our trucks were already covered white and it was still coming down. We watched the news to get the weather and were under the assumption that lots more snow was on its way overnight. I figured there would be a snow day from school for my daughter today but there wasn't because we didn't get as much snow as was expected. I'm ok with that because we have had our fair share of snow this winter already even though I wouldn't have minded if my daughter got to stay home all day either. Call me crazy but I don't mind being with my kids a lot! Don't get me wrong though, I also do enjoy some time away but not a whole lot of time away.

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