Friday, February 26, 2010

Dressing For The Weather

Last weekend we went up to Wal-mart to get a few things and saw some people who in our opinion were not dressed appropriately for the weather. Now maybe it was just us but we didn't think that our 39 degrees we were having that day was a heat wave that made it warm enough for summery type apparel.

On the way to Wal-mart we drove past someone jogging who was wearing shorts. Obviously they were going to get warm from jogging but shorts? Not quite sure they would get THAT warm?

Once we got to Wal-mart we saw someone else wearing shorts. Now this person was not jogging so maybe it was laundry day? We also saw someone wearing a pair of flip-flops. Now I don't know about you but my toes would have been FROZEN if I had been wearing flip-flops. I guess without actually asking someone you will never know why people wear a particular item of clothing/shoes. Just makes you wonder though when you see things like this.

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