Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cute Comment

Last night on the drive to my grandparent's house my 6 year old daughter made a cute comment that I think will bring a smile to your face when you read it. She had been looking around while we were driving and then asked something like, "How are the birds able to sit on there?" She was referring to them sitting on the power lines. My answer to her was, "because they are covered with plastic." Her next response was the cute comment. She said, "I didn't know birds were covered with plastic." My hubby and I couldn't help but giggle and smile. Obviously I was meaning the power lines were covered with plastic not the bird so we explained that to her. Actually I guess it isn't even really plastic on them but they are coated with something. Anyway, just wanted to share that cute comment with you all. Hope it made ya smile!

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