Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thomas The Train Treasury

My daughter and I have a New Year's resolution to make a treasury a day this year on Etsy. So far, except for a few occasions, one of us has made one each day and on the days we missed, two were made the next day.

A lot of times I am the one who makes the treasuries but on occasion my daughter still shows interest and either helps or does all the picks. Just kind of depends on what mood she is in and what else is going on.

Tonight I thought it would be fun to let my son who is 3, almost 4, help me make a treasury. Knowing he is really liking Thomas The Train here lately, I decided the theme for today's treasury would be Thomas The Train. My son picked out each of the featured items.

I think he really enjoyed picking out all the Thomas The Train items. Once the treasury was finished, he wanted to make another one with one of the other trains from the Thomas The Train collection. It was really cute. Maybe tomorrow he and I will make another train treasury!

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