Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Weekend

Wow! What a crazy, busy, full, and did I mention BUSY weekend we had!

After waking up earlier than planned on Saturday, we were pretty much none stop on the go, busy with SOMETHING basically ALL weekend.

Saturday morning I did my online things first thing since I knew the rest of my Saturday was going to be busy. Didn't want to miss making my daily treasury or miss writing my daily blog post.

After that, I had to finish getting things ready for our daughter's birthday party which included decorating her cake that daddy had baked the night before. Thankfully this year the cake was EASY to decorate. Just took two colors and neither had to be made because the cake shape was a puppy paw and our daughter wanted brown and white so I just used white and chocolate frosting. Easy peasy!

After we got everything ready for the party, the guests started to arrive. When the party was over we went out to supper with hubby's parents and our niece who came in town with them then sat around visiting the rest of Saturday evening.

Sunday I spent the morning and part of the afternoon out with my mom and my mother in law. After that my hubby, the kids, and I went to my grandparent's house for a bit then off to Wal-mart to pick up a few things.

Sunday evening was spent canning pickles. What an experience THAT was! I'll have to blog about it sometime soon. Maybe I'll even include photos of the finished jars of pickles.

With all that we had going on, last night I was ready for bed and just didn't get around to writing a blog post for yesterday.

To make up for my missing blog post, since I do have that New Year's resolution to blog daily, I plan to write two blog posts one of the days this week. I'm thinking I might blog about two fellow Etsians tomorrow but you'll just have to wait and see, or should I say read? :-)

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