Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday Treats With The Class

This afternoon my son and I walked to my daughter's school to have birthday treats with my daughter and her class. The school is now involved in some sort of program that promotes healthy eating so the treat we took couldn't be anything sweet like cookies or cupcakes. :-(

I debated back and forth before finally deciding upon taking cheese squares and pretzels for my daughter to share with her class. I also took a big jug of Sunny Delight for the kids to drink. My daughter really liked the idea I came up with. Her class seemed to enjoy it as well. Yay!

I was SO glad to have gotten to go to the school this year for my daughter's birthday. Last year I didn't get to share the experience of her celebrating her birthday with her class and was upset about it. I'm the type of mommy who enjoys these types of moments. We only get so many of them!

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