Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Falling Behind

Life has been so busy lately that I'm falling behind on my New Year's resolution to blog daily. Now I'm two days short! Yikes!

Yesterday I thought about blogging at different times during the day but kept thinking I would do it later. Well, by the time later came, I was just tired and ready for beddy by!

I've been trying to get in as much crochet time as possible as I have two three day craft shows in the coming weeks that are on back to back weekends so I need A LOT of items in order to fill my tables for both shows.

On top of that, our daughter's birthday and our son's birthday are this time of the year too so that adds to my things to do list. Not to mention, just everyday life in general things like housecleaning, laundry, and being a mommy and wife. Busy! Busy! Busy!

I do plan to do more than one blog post a day at some point to catch up on the days I've missed. I know that means that in all actuality I won't have blogged DAILY, but I do plan to still have blogged 366 times for the year of 2012! So stay tuned to keep reading! :-)

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