Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sending Sick Kids To School

This morning my hubby had to leave extra early for work so I was the one who took my daughter to school. Since it was a nice morning, we walked of course.

After walking my daughter to her class, my son and I started on the walk back home. When we reached the edge of the sidewalk to cross the street where the crossing guard was, we walked past a mom who was talking to her daughter. They were headed TO the school.

This mom was basically telling her daughter to go to school and try to hang in there until at least 1pm or so then if she still couldn't do it, she'd come pick her up.

As we walked across the street, I commented to the crossing guard, who is also the school's gym teacher. We were both basically floored that this mom was telling her kid this. The gym teacher said that the girl would probably be bugging to go see the nurse all day. I said that depending on what was wrong with her, she might get others kids sick too.

It's crazy that parents send their kids to school KNOWING they don't feel well! Really? Just keep them home especially if you know they are feeling bad enough that you tell them you'll come get them early. Obviously they need to just stay home to begin with if that is your plan. Why make them suffer through part of the day at school possibly passing along whatever ails them to other kids or teachers?

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