Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy Day

Oh my goodness was today a busy day for me!

Got up and went to work then to my grandparent's house for lunch! Boy, was lunch tasty!

After that I had to go to the doctor's office then headed back home.

Once my daughter was out of school and hubby was home from work, we started decorating for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow. We didn't get everything completely done before it was time to go up to my daughter's school for the back to school picnic night.

The teacher talked about what the kids are learning in class then we went to the book fair in the gym. I got both my daughter and my son a book then we went to have supper in the school cafeteria.

PTA was sponsoring the evening. They had hot dogs, chips, bananas, grapes, and cookies to choose from with water and lemonade for the drinks.

After we ate, there was still time to go to the gym so my daughter could have her face painted and my son could get a tattoo then we headed outside for the last part of the school event so the kids could jump in the bounce house and play on the playground.

Once we were done with the back to school picnic, we went over to Wal-mart to get the last of what we needed for the party along with some other things we didn't really need but wanted. Lol.

Shopping took awhile. I think we were all getting tired and ready to go home by the time we paid for our items we purchased from Wal-mart.

Once back home, we began to work on getting more things ready for our daughter's party.

Now that I've made my treasury for the day and I'm writing this blog post as my blog post for the day, I can FINALLY go to bed! I'm tired! It's been a long day and I'm nearly falling asleep while sitting here typing this.

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