Friday, October 16, 2009

Second School Fundraiser

Can you believe that only after about two months of school they have already sent home ANOTHER fund raiser? I guess if you have kids you probably can believe it! I'm all for helping raise money for the school but holy cow, how many are we going to have? One every month? I know there is at least one more in our future. The one that will be selling the candy and Christmas wrapping paper. At least I assume that one is in our future. The second one they sent home last week with my daughter was a MAJOR SAVER card. Only thing is we didn't expect her to sell too many of them as the places on the card are basically only for locations in the city we live in which is about a 25 minute drive for all of our family and friends as none of them live very close to us in the same city. We, of course are buying one since we're the parents and we have to right? My mom is buying one since she is over our way often so she figures she'll be able to use it. Both my aunts are buying one as well. I think they just wanted to make my daughter happy. you think they spoil her? Only time will tell what the next thing she is selling for school will be!

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