Thursday, May 2, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 18

Tis Thursday again! Man, how the weeks are flying by this year! Since it is once again Thursday, that means it is time for me to keep on keeping on with one of my two 2013 New Year's resolutions!

If you follow along with my blog on a regular basis then you know that one of my resolutions is to list a new item in our Etsy shop every Thursday and then blog about that new item here.

So my totally new Thursday item this week is pictured in this post! It is a new hand towel design! Boy, do I have A LOT of new hand towels to be made and listed but on this cold, dreary, snowy/rainy day, I only have one new one to share. Just don't have the energy/motivation to do a whole lot when the weather is so yucky out on May 2nd!

This particular hand towel is not the type that we normally have listed as it is a waffle weave type hand towel. Most of our hand towels are terry cloth. With waffle weave fabric usually being a thinner material than terry cloth, the new hand towel listing today is double thickness.

And that my dear blog readers is my totally new Thursday item for this week! Got any fun ideas for me to try and make for future Thursdays? Do leave a comment and share them!

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