Monday, April 29, 2013

Is your room clean?

This past Christmas, my hubby's parents gave us a Wii as a family present. My son LOVES to play his Scooby Doo game that he has on it and asks nearly every day to play. Of course he doesn't need to play everyday but on the days I plan to let him play, I try to make sure he has his room clean first.

This morning, one of the first things he asked after getting up was to play the Wii so I asked him if his room was clean. He went to check and was in his room for quite some time. I didn't really hear any cleaning going on though. He then comes out, shuts the door behind him, and proceeds to tell me

"Yep, it's clean but don't see in."

I asked if it was clean and he told me yes. I told him I was going to check but he didn't want me to check. So what do you think? Think it was clean? No? Me either but whatever might have given us THAT idea?

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