Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome To My Wednesday-5/8/2013

Welcome to my Wednesday! Boy has it been a busy one already! Let me tell ya what's taken place so far on this fine day!

My day started out with one of those annoying sounds that no one wants to hear when they are sleeping. The dreaded alarm clock! Well, after hitting the snooze button a few times, I not so willingly got out of bed. I didn't really want to but knew I had to so out of bed I got.

I went to my daughter's room and woke her up for the day. I was that annoying sound no child wants to hear in the morning when they are sleeping. Mommy telling them it's time to get up and get ready for school. She didn't want to get up either but did without too much of a fight.

Now since I had hit snooze so many times, I didn't have to RUSH around but did need to get a move on it so we wouldn't end up running late. I got myself ready and got my son woke up too. He, like his sister and I, did not want to get up this morning either. Funny thing is, both of the kids went to bed a bit earlier than normal. I was the one of us three that stayed up late!

After everyone was up, I was off to the kitchen to get my daughter's lunch made for school. Got that done and her backpack checked. My daughter was dressed, had her shoes on, hair brushed, and had had breakfast. We were ready to head out, right on time I might add so my hitting snooze this morning did not cause a delay! With our spring weather here again and hopefully to stay this time, we were able to walk to the school this morning.

I love it when the weather is nice enough to walk for numerous reasons. I find it easier than driving sometimes. It's definitely healthy for us as it is exercise which let's face it, most of us don't get enough exercise in our lives. It's less wear and tear on our vehicles and saves on gas which in most places is a pretty penny right now.

Once my son and I got back from walking my daughter to school, the next part of my day got started. The part of the day where I have to do the dreaded housework! Blech! Who wants to do THAT?

Each day I have been doing my best to keep every room in the house tidy. I had already hurried to make my bed before taking my daughter to school so my room was good to go for the day. I started my cleaning in my daughter's room which surprisingly enough was really not too messy! Yay! I did a bit of tidying up a few stuffed animals and made her bed. Her room was then good to go too! It really is amazing how just making a bed can make a room look so much nicer! If you follow my blog on a daily basis then you might have read the post I did about making beds.

Now are you are thinking, why do you clean your daughter's room? I don't totally clean it. I just take a few minutes each day to tidy up a few things. My daughter has actually been doing an amazing job at keeping her room pretty clean on her own because in the past it would often look like a tornado had struck just her room! There are usually just a few small items out of place that I put back when I do my daily run through the house. It is so much easier to just do this in the morning and have the house be all clean by the time hubby and my daughter get home in the afternoon/evening.

Next rooms on the list were my son's bedroom and the bathroom. My son's room was an easy clean as all that needed done in there was to fold up his blanket and put a pair of socks in the dirty clothes hamper. Easy peasy! His room had been cleaned up last night before bedtime. Made my morning even easier! Yay!

Now the bathroom, that's a whole different story! The toilet needed a cleaning! Yuck! Got that done in no time and headed out to the living room and dining room area. Just had a few things to pick up in there as I've been not letting the kids have toys out in these rooms. It really helps keep it clean when they keep the toys back in their own bedrooms.

Next on the list of to dos were the dishes and the laundry. Neither took very long. Dishes were done in a matter of minutes with the help of having a dishwasher! Man, what an invention! Just had to put the clean dishes from the dishwasher into the cabinets and put the dirty ones from the sink into the dishwasher. There weren't very many dirty ones either. Just a few plates, glasses, and a handful of silverware.

Laundry was a breeze to do too. Only had one load downstairs to wash. Now, there are a few loads that need folded and put away but I'm saving THAT for later. I'm gonna need something to do this afternoon right? :-)

And that my dear readers is how my Wednesday of this week started out. I did all that and typed out this blog post in a matter of about 2 and a half hours. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I love it when I feel like I've had a productive morning! Here's hoping the rest of my Wednesday will be just as productive! Happy hump day all! The week is half over! Yay! Bring on the weekend! I'm ready for it! It'll be here before we know it!

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