Monday, April 15, 2013

My Twenty-Second Featured Etsian

So one of my 2013 New Year's resolutions was to shop on the first Friday of every month this year and then blog about what I bought once I had received my purchase.

Well, the first Friday of April came and I shopped. I had my package in my hands by the following Wednesday which is pretty good turn around time in my opinion. I, unfortunately did not have quite as fast of a turn around when it came to blogging about the shop I purchased from. I've been busy but I'm blogging now. Yay!

The spotlight for this blog post is shining upon my twenty-second featured Etsian, Johanna, from FireflyCabin found here on Etsy. As you can see by the photos in this blog, I purchased the cutest buttons. Love them! Not totally sure what I'm planning for my froggies and piggies yet but I know it will turn out wonderful!

Besides craft and sewing supplies like the buttons I purchased, Johanna also has handmade items and a bit of vintage too.

You may notice varying prices at FireflyCabin. That is because whenever Johanna gets a deal, she passes that deal on to you!

Go check out this shop to see if there is something you just have to have!

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