Thursday, June 24, 2010


Isn't it crazy how your taste buds can change as you grow older? When I was a kid my grandpa and I would go out to my grandparent's garden, pick a tomato, and sit down with a salt shaker to eat the tomato. As I got older I thought tomatoes were gross!

I also remember my mom would make egg noodles and stewed tomatoes to eat when I was growing up. I remember pushing the tomatoes to the side and just eating the noodles with salt on them.

Now as an adult I have grown to like tomatoes again. I love them on a BLT sandwich and will also eat them on a Subway sandwich or a fast food burger. When I make egg noodles and stewed tomatoes I'll now eat all of it, not just the noodles. I also LOVE fresh made salsa with tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. Add some salt, pepper, garlic, and grab a bag of tortilla chips for dipping then ta da, you have a tasty little snack! Mmmm mmmm good! Yummy to the tummy!

I still am not overly fond of them too much in a salad or fresh with salt over them but do eat more tomatoes now than I use to. Makes me wonder how my kids taste buds will change as they grow older? Only time will tell!

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