Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 Baby Teeth

So not long ago my son seemed to be drooling a lot so we thought maybe he might be trying to cut his two year molars early since those are the only teeth he doesn't have yet. Tonight I checked to see if he was and he is not. Guess he was just drooling to be drooling!

Well, that got me thinking. Hmmmm....did i write down when he got all his other teeth? I couldn't remember. When my daughter was born and through the first few years of her life I wrote down nearly EVERYTHING! Now I've heard people talk about how the second child doesn't get nearly as much written down or saved as that first child does so I am doing my utmost best to make sure that both of my children have just as many of their milestones written down as the other does.

Since I couldn't remember if I had written when all my son's teeth had come in I dug out the box I have been keeping notes in. I'll admit, most of what I have written down for him are on little scraps of paper and a lot of little post it notes, but hey, at least I have it written down right? Some day I'll get it all organized and written in the actual baby book. One of these days!

Sooooo.....after digging through all my notes I could only find where I had written down 11 dates and my son has 16 teeth. I was feeling kind of sad and like such a bad mom for not keeping track better when I happen to think, maybe I already wrote some down in the baby book? I got out the baby book and yay, there were some more little post its in there plus one that was actually already written in the book.

Woo- hoo! I'm not a bad mommy after all! I had written down all 16 dates for all 16 teeth! I felt SO much better after that! Now to all those reading this, I by NO means think that woman are bad mommies if they do not write down every single date that every single one of their child's teeth came in on. When I said I'm not a bad mommy after all, that comment was just in reference to me and how I felt when I thought I hadn't written down all the dates for my son knowing I had written them all down for my daughter.

I think I am so insistent on keeping track and saving so much because my mom didn't. I'm just a super sentimental person too so that makes me want to do it that much more! I look forward to being old and gray, sitting around with my hubby, children, and hopefully some grand and great-grand children looking through all the things I've been writing down. That's obviously years and years down the road so in the meantime I'll just keep on keepin' track!

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  1. Great post! I kept baby books for my two daughters but I don't recall writing down when they got any teeth.....?
    I do however have locks of hair from their first hair cuts and yuk....the first tooth they lost!!