Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night we played Monopoly with our six and a half year old daughter. It was her first time ever playing. We just played a timed game since we also have our one and half year old son. He wanted to grab all the pieces.

First we picked our playing pieces and passed out the money. After that I shuffled all the properties and gave each player two of them. Each of us then paid for the properties we were given and the game began. This was how the rules said to do it for a timed game.

We decided to just play for one hour and at the end of that hour who ever was the "richest" was the winner. All through the game we made sure to note who owned which property so that no one missed out on any "rent" payments. My daughter had a blast playing!

Only thing that upset her was that she didn't ever get to buy any houses for her properties like mommy and daddy did because she never was able to land on and purchase all of the same color of properties. We told her next time maybe she would be able to do so.

In the end, daddy ended up being the big winner! I think it helped that he owned Boardwalk AND Park Place. Any of you who know anything about the game of Monopoly know that these are usually the two properties people want to buy right away because they bring in the most money when landed on especially with houses and hotels on them.

We'll probably be playing another game of Monopoly next week. It was a fun family game night!

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