Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast

So this morning I was so tired that I was just basically lying in bed dozing off for a few minutes then waking back up and dozing off again. I thought my hubby was still there in bed too. I hadn't rolled over to look. Then my alarm clock went off. My alarm clock being my 15 month old little boy. At this point is when I realized my hubby was already up. I went in and got my son from his crib and walked into the living room expecting to find my hubby lounging on the couch. He sometimes gets up before me and then decides he is still tired. Rather than come back to bed he'll rest on the couch. Well, to my surprise this morning he was not on the couch but in the kitchen cooking breakfast. What a man I have! He had been up for awhile too because he nearly had it all finished. This morning we feasted on bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and biscuits with gravy. Oh and a big ol' glass of cold milk! Mmmm mmmm good! Are you hungry now?

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