Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy Busy Post Office

All I have to say is thank goodness for the automated machines at the post office. I had two packages to mail today. After I picked my daughter up from school we headed over to the post office. It was SO busy that there were no parking spaces left in the parking lot. We had to drive through the parking lot and come back around to park on the street. When we got inside there was a long line waiting to be helped. Luckily this particular post office has an automated machine you can mail your packages from. I usually use it anyway because a lot of the time I ship my items in the evening after the post office closes or on the weekend because my hubby is home to help with the kids. Just makes it so much easier that way. Today I was very thankful that the automated machine was there and that I knew how to use it. I did not feel like standing in line holding my son for a long period of time. We were next in line for the automated machine so our wait was minimal. When we were leaving I think the post office was even busier than before if that was possible. There was a line of cars coming out of the parking lot. It was crazy busy by this point! Good thing we got there when we did!

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