Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Snow Go Away

Snow Snow Go Away!
And Don't Come Again Another Day!

Seriously, I am so tired of snow! We got what seemed like a blizzard of snow Christmas Eve and it has been white outside ever since. We have had two or three more snows just since then. Yes, you guessed it! It's snowing right now as I'm typing this too. Think it started snowing about 11am or so this morning and has been pretty much non-stop since then. It's probably going to be coming down for at least a few more hours or so too. I'm beginning to think we're never going to see any other color but white outside!

My daughter hasn't even returned back to school from winter break because of the snow. They got out early on December 18th and were suppose to go back on January 5th. We got a call telling us they wouldn't be returning to school on January 5th after all. I think school was canceled for January 5th due to the roads not being clear from previous snowstorms. Then today it was canceled due to the current snow falling. We got the automated call today letting us know school would not be in session for the remainder of the week as well. Obviously because of the snow and cold temperatures. Friday I believe our high temperature is suppose to be 3 degrees and the weather woman said she isn't even sure it will make it to that. You'd better believe I don't plan on going out anywhere the next few days unless I have to!

I think my daughter WAS ready to go back to school. The night before winter break was suppose to be over I told her they wouldn't be going back yet and she had tears well up in her eyes. She loves school! I'm so glad! I hope she will always love it. Now I think she is enjoying getting to stay home longer. She hasn't been upset over not getting to go back yet like she was that first night they canceled school. I can't say that I wish she was in school. A lot of parents would be like, "Man, can't I send my kid back to school yet?" I'm the opposite. I'm okay with her being here all day with her little brother and myself. Don't get me wrong, it's nice when daddy gets home to help with the kids but I'm not really in a hurry for her to return to school. Not yet anyway. We still have a few more days this week plus the weekend so I may change my mind by Monday morning.

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