Thursday, February 7, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 6

Better late than not at all with my totally new Thursday item! I'll be honest! I've been busy today and this evening so I nearly forgot to keep my New Year's resolution of adding a NEW item to our Etsy shop each Thursday and then blogging about it. Shame on me it is:

Introducing body scrubbies! These are similar to our cotton yarn and nylon netting dish scrubbies we sell only these are for your bodies, not your dishes!

The body scrubbies are also cuter as you can tell by the pictures. Our dish scrubbies are just plain ol' circles while our body scrubbies have that cute lil' shell stitch crocheted around the edge giving them that pretty flower look!

Another difference between the dish scrubbies and the body scrubbies is that while both have cotton yarn, the dish scrubbies have nylon netting but the body scrubbies have tulle. The tulle isn't quite as scratchy as the nylon netting so it is a bit more gentle on the skin than nylon netting would be but yet the tulle still has some scratchiness to it making it good for exfoliating when washing in the shower.

One of my friends was my tester for this product when I first made it and she LOVES hers. I have one too and I like it! While my friend finds them to be just the right size, I myself think it could be a bit bigger so I might end up making them in a larger size as well when I get the chance.

And that my dear blog readers is your totally NEW Thursday item for this week! There are many other colors to hopefully be listed soon too in case you aren't fond of the lemon lime colored ones!

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