Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tidying Up A Home

Hubby and I would LOVE to be able to sell our current home and purchase a newer, larger one before our daughter starts middle school so that we can get her into a better school district than the one we live in right now.

Unfortunately due to financial reasons, this does not seem to be an option for us anytime soon so alas we will be staying put here for awhile longer.

Since we are unable to move for a bit, I've been trying to think of things we can do to our current home to help make it seem nicer and larger. Lately I have been on a kick of decluttering and tidying up a bit to hopefully achieve this.

There are so many things you can do to make rooms seem larger! One is to get smaller furniture. We've already downsized from a HUGE entertainment center down to just a tv stand. WOW! Did that open up our living room! I've been trying to convince the hubby to downsize our computer desk too. I think I almost have him on my side.

I have been going through closets and drawers pulling out clothes, shoes, and toys that we don't need, want, or use. It's unreal how much stuff we have just sitting around taking up space!

                  BEFORE:                                                               AFTER:

Besides getting smaller furniture and getting rid of things to make rooms look larger, tidying up the small things can make a BIG difference in how a room looks. For instance, making the beds makes a bedroom look so much nicer and more presentable.

I have been trying to do this daily now as it makes our home look so nice, neat, and organized which is what I've been trying to achieve. This morning I made the beds and decided to time it to see how long it took. I made hubby's and my bed plus our daughter's bed and did both in as little as 65 seconds! That is just over 1 minute!

                     BEFORE:                                                            AFTER:

So basically 1 minute of time can make a world of difference in how your bedroom looks! Clearly you can see by the photos that our beds look SO much nicer when they are made than when the covers were just tossed around.

Oh, and if you are admiring the quilts, my grandparents made them. My grandpa sews the quilt tops then grandpa and grandma quilt them on their machine. After that grandma binds them around the edges and tada, you get the amazing looking quilts like in the photos!

And yes, you read that right. It said grandpa sews the quilt tops. My great grandma used to quilt and when she past away, none of the girls wanted to continue her quilting. My grandpa felt like someone should so he did. We get a new quilt every year for Christmas and will cherish them for years!

So what have you done to your home to help make it seem nicer, larger, and/or more presentable? Is it as simple as making a bed like I've done or have you done more complex things? Do tell! I'd love to know! Maybe it will give me some other ideas I can use to improve our home!

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  1. What fabulous quilts! I love the fact that your Grandpa has carried on the family tradition, you must really look forward to each new treasure. My Dad got into cross stitch when diagnosed with cancer. He created many lovely pieces that Mum and I have as extra mementoes of him.
    Good luck with your decluttering etc. I'm in the same position so will be tuning in regularly! I've found ringing the changes with cheap homemade cushions brighten up a room if not making it look smaller.