Thursday, February 14, 2013

He Didn't Do It

So anyone who has children or been around children can probably relate to this blog post. Nearly every child at some point will probably fib at least a little about something they've done that they shouldn't have done.

Our daughter didn't really bring attention to the things she shouldn't have been doing. We usually just found what she had done and then there wasn't too much denying it.

Our son on the other hand is completely opposite. If he is doing something he isn't suppose to be doing and you get to close to where he is at, once he hears you coming, he comes running and tells you, "Nothing."

Ummm....that's a dead giveaway he was up to something he shouldn't have been don't ya think?

As soon as you ask him what he was doing and confront him about it, he usually confesses pretty quick, unlike the little boy in this video:

After you watch the video, come back to let me know your verdict! Is he innocent or guilty?

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