Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water On The Floor

This morning while my son was sleeping my daughter was helping me with getting some yard sale items priced. We each had our coasters and drinks sitting on the floor beside us. I had my Pepsi and she had some ice water.

Well, of course with kids something gets knocked over and sure enough it was her cup. Thankfully it was just water. No worries. She got a hand towel and dried it all up. No big deal. All taken care of.

Later in the morning my son was up and the kids were on the move. In the course of them going from room to room, my daughter's new cup of ice water got knocked over. Yes, that makes twice in one morning! Again, thankfully it was just water. No worries.

I told my daughter to just get a towel and dry it up. My son who is two and a half saw the water and said, "Ooops." He then took off to the bathroom. A few seconds later he came back in with something to help clean up the water. In his hand were three squares of toilet paper.

Now toilet paper wasn't going to get the job done but bless his little heart for trying to help! I thought it was such a cute moment that I just had to write about it! Hope it brought a smile to your face reading about it!

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  1. hi meand! just thought i'd drop by and say hi!! miss seeing you around etsy!! ♥