Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Picks By A 7 Year Old

Recently I've been having a lot of fun making treasuries and watching to see how close to page 1 they get. Well, my 7 year old daughter has enjoyed this too. She's enjoyed it so much that she had been asking to make a pink treasury. We sat down tonight and put together one. She picked out each item in the treasury and even had control of the mouse part of the time. She decided to choose pink from shops that we have made purchases from.

Please be sure to stop in and leave a comment and all 16 of your clicks! Also, please be sure to share the link on facebook, twitter, and all your teams. Tell everyone to leave a comment and use all 16 of their clicks too! Let's see if we can get her pink treasury to page 1! She'll be thrilled if it makes it! I'm sure she will be watching to see what page it is on. Plus page 1 could be GREAT exposure for all those featured!

For your viewing pleasure:

Enjoy! And thanks so much for helping to promote it! Muuaah!

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