Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Into and Onto EVERYTHING

So I just realized that it has been nearly a week, yes I said a week, since I last posted a blog post for you all to read! Shame on me! Wasn't really sure what to write about tonight so I decided to write about my son. Aren't kids always doing SOMETHING that gives us parents something to talk about? Sometimes that something is cute and sometimes it is not.

Well, my little guy has been getting into EVERYTHING here lately. It seems more so than usual too! It's like he bounces from one thing he isn't suppose to have to another. Whether it be from playing with the tv, to getting into the cabinet with the movies, playing in my craft stuff, or his all time favorite- bothering the computers. He LOVES to play with the mouse at both my computer and my hubby's computer.

One of his other favorite things to do is get a hold of the phone whether it be the house phone or one of our cell phones. He tries to push buttons then hold it to his ear. At the young age of one and a half he apparently has already started to grasp the concept of a phone! Boy, they sure do start out young don't they?

When he isn't getting into anything, my son is climbing on everything from the couch, to the end tables, and even hubby's computer chair. We really have to keep a close eye on him. The little booger is quick too! Definitely keeps us on our toes! Sure do love the little guy though! Wouldn't trade him for anything!

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