Thursday, January 10, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 2

It's Thursday again and that means it was time for me to add a NEW item to our Etsy shop to keep up with one of my New Year's resolutions to add a NEW item every Thursday this year and then blog about it.

The NEW item I added today was a different kind of potholder than those that were already listed. Usually I make just round potholders but the ones added today were a totally different shape. They were square!

Some time ago while participating in a local craft show, the woman in the booth next to us taught my mother and myself how to crochet potholders with the pattern seen in the pictures. Seemed easy enough so I started two not long after she taught us the pattern.

Well, I never ended up completing those two. Imagine that! This past Christmas I decided to try my hand at this particular pattern again and made a square potholder for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It turned out amazing! I was so pleased with it and so proud of it that I ended up making a black one only rather than using a single crochet stitch like I did for my mother-in-law's, I used a double crochet stitch.

Again I was pleased and proud of it that I wanted to make another one. I let my daughter pick out the color for the next one I tried my hand at. She came back from one of my yarn cabinets with a cheery rainbow colored yarn and ta da, you can see the finished product!

At first I wasn't going to make these type of potholders to sell in our shop as they are a bit more time consuming to make than the round ones, BUT they are just turning out so well that I think I will give it a whirl and make a few from time to time. Keep an eye on our shop here to see what other colors might get added.

That my dear blog readers is your totally NEW Thursday item for this week!

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