Monday, November 12, 2012


My son loves to put stickers on pieces of paper. This morning he found the leftover puppy stickers from my daughter's birthday party on the dining room table so I told him he could have them.

When I gave them to him, the thought of what he ended up doing with them had not crossed my mind. A few minutes after walking away with the sheet of puppy stickers, he proudly came up to me and said, "I put them everywhere!"

I followed him into the hallway and he had put them EVERYWHERE! He had them stuck on walls, door frames, and even on one of the toys in his room. Thankfully he bragged about what he had done right after doing so before they got TOO stuck on and also bragged about it before he had put ALL the stickers everywhere.

We went around and gathered all the stickers so he could put them onto a piece of paper. After doing so, he wanted to take them off the paper and put them back on the sticker sheet. Boy does he love stickers!

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