Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating For Christmas

Last night we put up our brand spanking new Christmas tree that I stood out in the cold for Thanksgiving evening.

Now, I had no plans of standing outside to wait to get into ANY stores for the black Friday deals BUT hubby's sister and mom were going so I decided to tag along since the store they were going to had a pre-lit 6 foot tree for $30.00. Hubby and I had just recently been discussing that we needed a new tree so off shopping I went! Target was the lucky store who got some of our money!

Tonight we got out the rest of the Christmas items and the kids hung all the ornaments on the new tree. I put out some other decorations and ta da, our home is decorated.

Across the tv stand, I put the photos of our kids with Santa. Our son noticed them, walked over to one of them, and said, "Mommy, that looks like me." Awww....kids can say some cute things sometimes!

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