Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Itchy Girl

So this morning I walked my daughter to school. We had no longer walked into the classroom when my daughter's teacher asked her to hang up her backpack and walk another girl from her class up to the nurse's office because the girl was all itchy. This girl was standing there scratching and scratching all over her face.

Now I'm all for the teacher's having the more responsible kids help out with things, which walking other kids to places in the building is one of them, and I'm proud of my daughter for being one of the more responsible kids, but I did not really like the idea of the teacher asking my child to walk this girl to the nurse. I mean, no one even knew what was making her itch like that? It's bad enough my child was exposed to whatever it was because the girl came to school to begin with but to have her have to walk her to the nurse too thus exposing her THAT much longer to whatever it was didn't sit right with me at all.

I just told my daughter NOT to touch her and I actually walked down the hall with them to make sure she didn't touch her or get too close. Oh the joys of all the illnesses that kids bring to school with them!

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