Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I had a happy Mother's Day today. It started out with breakfast in bed and lots of wonderful creations that my 6 year old made me.

My daughter had been telling me the night before that I had to stay in bed on Mother's Day morning because I was going to be getting breakfast in bed. Of course I woke up a bit early but I didn't get up. I just stayed put and waited.

Next thing I know my daughter, wearing a pretty dress, and hubby brought me my breakfast in bed tray. They had made scrambled eggs, gravy, hash browns, sausage links, and toast. Oh, and a big glass of milk! It was all very VERY yummy!

Hubby told me that my daughter had helped make part of it. I guess she had to change her clothes because she cracked one of the eggs ALL over her. He said it was pretty funny! I bet it was. He also said she helped butter my toast but he redid it for me because otherwise I would have had toast with my butter. Apparently there was A LOT of butter on the toast when she got through buttering it.

While I was still eating my breakfast, my daughter brought me in all my gifts. There were a few things of candy and lots of things she had made at school plus a card she and daddy had bought from the store. She had signed it with her name, my son's name, and the word me which was for daddy.

It was a sweet start to my day! My son was still sleeping through all of this but I bet he will be in there helping out next year! Hope all of you moms out there reading this had a wonderful Mother's Day too!

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