Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cereal And Milk

My hubby was out of town last night. I got both of the kids in bed, enjoyed some quiet time crocheting until about midnight, then I headed to bed myself.

My son woke up about 2:30am and I rocked him back to sleep. I fell back asleep and before I knew it my alarm was going off at 8:20am. I had to get up but I sure didn't want to. I waited a few more minutes and then climbed out of bed to get ready.

Got my daughter up and she got dressed. I think by this time my son was awake too so I went and got him from his crib.

Now you are probably wondering why this post is titled cereal and milk aren't you? Well, here is where that comes in.

I gave both kids a cup of milk and some dry cereal while I made my daughter's lunch for school. Got the lunch fixed to find that my son had dumped his bowl of cereal on the floor. Thankfully it was just dry cereal with no milk on it! As I was cleaning that up, he dropped his sippy cup of milk which then rolled across the floor spilling drops of milk along the way.

We were rushing around trying to get everything done so my daughter wouldn't be late for school so I really didn't have any extra time to be having to clean up cereal and milk. Got it all cleaned up and both kids ready. Out the door we went to walk my daughter to school.

Well, my cereal and milk clean ups were not all done. We had no longer got back from the school and my son's sippy cup leaked milk ALL over him, the floor, and the end table. It was just pouring out! Apparently when he had dropped it and it rolled across the floor, the lid came loose and I didn't realize it. When he tipped it up to drink from it, it just poured out. Of course, being one and a half he didn't stop trying to drink out of it because it was leaking so I had a big mess to clean up.

I myself, made a small mess of cereal and milk that I had to clean up too. I was walking out of the kitchen with my cereal and it spilled over the edge dropping a bit of it on the floor. Not even sure how I managed to spill it as my bowl wasn't really any more full than usual but I guess it just went along with the morning I was having!

Story doesn't end here with the cereal and milk either. My son was on the couch with me and had his bowl of cereal. He was climbing around and kicked the bowl, spilling the cereal all over the couch. Oh yay! Another mess to clean up! Of course, it was cereal, crumbs and all since it was towards the last of the box.

So now all the cereal and milk has been cleaned up at my house. Here's hoping the rest of my day will run more smoothly!

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