Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Others Think

So how do you teach a 6 year old not to worry about what others think? What do you say to them? Here's the story behind what caused me to write this blog post.

A few days ago while cleaning up around in the basement I found a bag of clothes one of my friends had given to us for our daughter awhile back. In the bag was a very nice pair of jean overalls. After we washed them I showed my daughter and we planned for her to wear them today since we would be going to my grandparents house.

Now if you know my grandpa, you would know that he is known for wearing jean overalls nearly everyday. About the only time he is not in overalls is when we are having a family gathering or he and grandma are going out to eat.

Well, this morning I nearly forgot our plan to have my daughter wear her overalls. I had actually told her she could wear a pair of her capris since the weather is going to be fantastic here again today. She remembered the overalls and wanted to wear them and also wanted her little brother to wear his too. She was wanting to show great grandpa that she and her brother had overalls just like him!

All decked out in overalls we walked to school. When we got there she wanted to leave her jacket on because she was worried what the other kids would think of her overalls. She had already commented about what if some of the kids were to laugh at her when we were still at home. When she wouldn't take her jacket off at school I reminded her of what we had talked about at home.

I had told her that it didn't matter what others thought. If she liked the overalls that was all that mattered. I told her that if someone laughed to just tell them that she liked them. I told her to tell them that if they didn't like them then they didn't need to look at them. Not sure if that was really the right thing to tell her or not?

I think it is just sad how mean children can be. I know that this is just how it is but it seems like way back when I was in school the kids would tease and be mean but it seems like it didn't start quite this early. Seems like it was more middle school age when this sort of thing began, not kindergarten for goodness sakes!

It's pretty bad when a 6 year old kindergarten is already so worried about what others will think and that they will laugh at her. Obviously some of the kids in my daughter's class must not be very nice.

Before leaving her at school today, I did get her to take off her jacket. One of her friends walked in the class and we showed her the overalls. We asked if she liked them and she said yes. That sure put a little smile on my daughter's face and helped reassure her of what I had already been telling her, that it would be fine and that she looked cute and nice.

I almost feel bad leaving her there wearing them knowing she felt that way though. I made sure I asked her if SHE liked them and she told me yes so it isn't like I MADE her wear them. I just hope she will have a good day at school and her worries are for nothing. I hope none of the other kids will laugh or make fun of her. I'll probably be worried about it all day. The end of the school day sure won't come soon enough for me today!

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  1. Sounds like you handled the situation well. It won't be long, and she'll want to be "different" than everybody else, lol. Oh, the stages they go thru. Just be the best example, she learns more from what you do than what you say.

    Love, Kat